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Vocal Competition

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Registration Is Open!

The vocal competition is open to soloists.

Each contestant is asked to perform three (3) art songs and either one (1) opera aria or one (1) oratorio aria.  Pieces should demonstrate contrasting styles and represent at least 3 languages, one of which is English, with a total performance time not to exceed 15 minutes.

Please provide your own accompanist.  You may download a list of local accompanists from the link above.

The competition will be held at:

First Presbyterian Church

3601 Ridgeview Road

Edwardsville, Illinois  62025


  1. Competitors must be between the ages of twenty and thirty years old on the date of the competition.

  2. All applications require a non-refundable application fee, which must be received two weeks prior to the contest.

  3. A competitor may change their music program, as long as it stays within all other rules and is completed two weeks prior to the competition.

  4. Vocalists will perform 3 art songs and either 1 opera aria or 1 oratorio aria. Pieces should demonstrate contrasting styles and represent at least 3 languages, one of which is English.

  5. We attempt to make it such that contestants will be only known to the judges only by their contestant number.

  6. No personal information (name, photographs, biographical or any other information) may be given to the judges.

  7. Contestants should bring three additional clean copies of their music, one for each judge, to the competition. The music should have the measures clearly marked and have all other notations and comments removed. Photo copied scores are allowed on the understanding that they will be destroyed after the competition.

  8. Music should be given to the monitor at the door of the performance room as the contestant enters the competition room.

  9. Conversations with the judges, unless instigated by them, are forbidden by the contestant, their teacher, parent or any other person accompanying them.

  10. Contestants are responsible for providing their own accompanist. There will be no one at the competition venue that will be able to fill in at the last minute.

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