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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  When is the deadline for the competition?

A.  The deadline to submit all materials for the 2023 Instrumental competition is Saturday March 18th.  All judging will be completed and winners notified on Saturday March 25th.

The Deadline to submit all materials for the 2023 Vocal Competition is Saturday April 15th.  All judging will be completed and winners notified on Saturday April 22nd.

Q.  Can I wait until the deadline to register?

A.  You may register at any time before the submission deadline.  Please be advised each competition is limited to 30 participants.  Once all registrations have been filled a wait list will be established should anyone not be able to complete their entry.  You are advised to register as soon as you are able in order to secure your place in the competition.  

Q.  Can I submit a video from last year?

A.  All videos must be recorded within 6 months of the competition date.  For Instrumental we will accept videos recorded on or after September 25, 2022.  For Vocal, we will accept videos recorded on or after October 22, 2022.

Q.  Do I have to submit PDF scores for each piece?

A.  Yes, PDF documents for each score is required to be uploaded separately.

Q.  Do I need to list universities for each person in an ensemble?

A.  We ask that you enter the main contact's information, including schools and teachers, then list each additional member of the ensemble and their instrument in the text box provided.


Q.  Do I need to submit all of my recordings when I register for the competition?

A.  Registration and video submission are two separate processes.  The registration secures your place in the competition.  Once your fee is received, you will have until the submission deadline to submit your videos through our site. 

A.  Do I need to submit all of my videos at the same time?

A.  No, only 1 video is required when you complete the portion of the registration process.  You may change/add to the submissions up until the submission deadline.

Q.  In an ensemble, do all members have to be between the ages of 20 and 30 at the time of the competition?

A.  Yes.  All competitors participating, either as a soloist or in an ensemble, must be between the ages of 20 and 30 at the date of the competition.  

Q.  I will be 30 years old at the date of the competition.  Can I still compete?

A.  Yes, anyone who is 20 years through 30 years of age is welcome to participate.

Q. Can the speaking introduction be a separate video, or should it be unedited within the performance?

A.  The introduction video is an optional submission item.  You may submit a short video to introduce all of your pieces or you may introduce your pieces in each performance video.  An introduction is not required.

Q.  Where will the results of the competition be posted?

A.  The results will be posted on the SIYAO home page by 9pm on the date of the competition.  Should we need more time for the judging to be completed, a notice will be posted on our site.

Q.  Is the competition 100% virtual?  

A.  Yes.  All video submissions will be viewed online.  There will be no in person performances at this time.

Q.  Is there just 1 prize awarded?

A.  No, there are 3 places awarded.  1st Place:  $1000, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd place:  $250


Please visit the competition pages for more detailed information

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