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Founded in 2003, SIYAO is a publicly funded organization and depends on the financial generosity of music lovers to provide these opportunities to young performers striving to refine their skills.  Your contribution and support of our mission is greatly appreciated by the organization and by the competitors.   

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SIYAO would like to thank our contributors for their generous support:


Marcus & Tamar Albrecht

Dave & Leslie Archer

Linda Bailey
Jerry & Nancy Barber
Steve & Lisbeth Brown
Brenda Carlile
Mike & Donna Crider
Diane Dudding

Dr. Chris & Pam Farrar

Paul and Diane Garritson
Scott & Peggy Hagin
George & Pat Henderson
Genevieve Hill
Bruce & Nancy Hoffman
Robert & Cindy Hormell
Richard Keating
Elaine Klaus
Kim McCausland
Deborah Meier

Mr. & Mrs. Morrison

Richard and Luanne Murphy

Dean & Judy Pletcher 

Dave & Coral Rice
Amy Jo Sawyer
Nikki Schindewolf

Vandergriff Family


Dr. Marie Jureit - Beamish, In honor of Laura Garritson Parker and Lindsay Garritson

Bernice Brown
Don & MaryAnna Davis

Diane Dudding
Christopher & Pam Farrar
Bob & Anne Gregor
David & Rita Jenkins

Jeanne Hangsleben
Roger & Mickey McKnight

Don & Marlene Metzger
Judy Meyer

Chad & Kathy Opel
Enrique Rodriguez

Bart & Meg Solon
Susan Parton Stanard
Rene Tiede
Ray & Lucia Weber


Rich & Ronna Blattner

Rene Tiede
Suzanne Nevins
Robert Raymond